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1st Determine the type of website you need.

Option 1
"Basic But Great" ​


Your goal is to build a basic but great website. Maybe this is your companies first website or an upgrade from that old outdated website. Your potential customers are typically gathering information about your products and or services and are not required to interact with the website.


If sounds about right click here.

Option 2
"Critical to Your Business"​


You want to develop a website that leaves a lasting impression. Maybe your customers have to purchase or enroll online for product or service. Bottom line is that you feel like the website or application you develop is critical to your success.


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A Basic But Great Website

What is expected: You do not need to develop the most amazing website on the world wide web but you do want a great design and user experience. 

Our "Basic But Great" web development package starts at $4,000 and ranges up to $10,000.


Included in the $4,000 package:

  • Custom design by our lead designer Sam Camero.

  • Website buildout that includes

    • Up to 5 pages or content sections.

    • Contact form

    • Up to 8 Stock images - from the essentials collection

    • Basic On-site SEO - to insure search engines properly index your website based on geographic region and product and or services offered

    • Domain name (DNS) edits if needed

    • Mobile friendly

  • Development timeline from start to finish is 1 - 2 months.

Additional Add-ons

  • Additional pages, copy writing, design, etc. - $400 per

  • Wordpress platform - additional $1,500. The "basic but great" websites are hosted and developed on the WIX platform by default.
  • Accelerated development timeline - additional $500. Sometimes in specific situations we can develop a website in 2-3 weeks but the key here is having content ready to go

  • Website hosting - $400/year

  • Website maintenance - $95/hour.

  • Website maintenance training - $95/hour

  • Email setup - contact for quote

  • Additional functionalities - contact for quote

    • Complex forms

    • Basic shopping cart

    • Memberships and subscriptions


Contact us to get started today!

Developing A Website
That Is 

Your Business

This package is for the business that understands the true value and power of a website (or application).  You may want a great website that leaves a lasting impression or the functionality you require does not fit into the 'basic but great" package.


Our "Critical" web development package starts at $10,000 and ranges up to $60,000.


To provide an accurate quote to develop your website or application we require a paid discovery. Our discovery is a meeting, or a series of meetings, that let's us uncover the true problem or problems. We then deliver a solution strategy that you can develop with us or take to any development team.

Click here to contact us and schedule your discovery.

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