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Penners Inc.






Our Goals for the Penner's Social Campaign

  • Increase brand awareness among defined target market

  • Increase engagement with brand via social media

  • Increase number of followers

  • Increase targeted website traffic

About The Campaign


Penner's is a premier men's clothing store located in San Antonio, Texas and in 2016 they celebrated 100 year in business.  Click and Create had previously worked with Penner's on a search campaign and now they wanted to engage in social media.  Our pitch was to grow their existing Facebook community by running a PPC campaign targeting their ideal customers (male, lives in San Antonio, 35-65 years old, decent income, has an interested in men's clothing). The PPC campaign would increase qualified followers and then all future post would garner much higher engagement rates. Click and Create developed two commercial concepts featuring hired talent as the campaigns main content.


The Results

5,000 - 74,000


On average, each new post now reaches this amount of people. This is a tremendous reach increase ranging at 600% - 4,000%.

Post Reach

The number of people your posts were served to.

Reactions, Comments, and Shares

These actions will help you reach more people.

The Project
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