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Membership Websites

Click and Create offers professional membership website design and development services.  We work with a variety of membership website platforms and can determine the solution that best fits your current and future needs.


How we help you:

  • Free up your time managing the organization (or company) by reducing the time spent on managing registrations and renewals

  • Help drive new members to your organizations website

  • Reduce the tools used to management the organization

  • Improve communication within the organization

  • Empower you with the ability to manage your website and keep content up to date.

View some of our membership website work


Our goal is to develop a website that serves as the centralized database of information for your organization, meaning no more excel spreadsheets! Member organizations take on the daunting task of creating a robust website that will handle all the desires of a present day member organization. Below are some of the services and features we offer.


  • Member registration including online payments

  • Automated Renewal Emails

  • Event registration and payments

  • Member managed profiles and database

  • Email communications

  • Member protected content

  • Member and data import


The two main Membership Software Solutions we encourage are Wild Apricot and Wordpress.  We typically use Wild Apricot for an all-in-one membership solution for membership organizations.  Wordpress offers more customization possibilities for membership companies but can also serve as a lightweight solution for free and sometimes smaller organizations.

Membership Websites

10 questions you should ask yourself (and your developer) when choosing a membership software


  1. What payment gateway are you going to use and does the membership software support this gateway?

    There are a ton of possiblities when it comes to accepting payments like, paypal, first data, stripe and many more. Before you go to far with a membership software make sure you are comfortable with the gateway options.

  2. Does the membership software support ecommerce?

    You want to sell t-shirts or other promo items down the road? To do this will you have to incorporate another system or tool our will your membership software have you covered?

  3. How long will it take you to learn the membership software?

    This is important because if you are going to manage the organization effectively you need to be able to easily learn all the features. It doesn't matter if a system has every bell and whistle you could possibly want if it takes you too much time and fustration to figure them out.


  4. How easy is the membership software to use for your existing members and potential members?

    The last thing you want are members going to the website and getting frustrated!


  5. Are you going to offer prorated membership charges?

    Beware because some membership platforms cannot handle this functionality.


  6. Does the membership software offer concurrent accounts?

    You will need this option if mulipe employees from one company are members to your organization. With this option you can provide each desired member of a company there own account that is grouped under the main company account.


  7. Does the membership software allow you to up sell or down sell?

    You may need this option if you have multiple membership levels and members may want to upgrade or downgrade their account. In this case you would like to know how easy this process would be for them to achieve.


  8. How easliey can you comumicate with you community?

    Does the software have a built in bulk email system? Can you easily send emails to specific groups like geo regions or specific member levels?

  9. Can the membership software drip pre-developed content over pre-determined time?

    Not many organizations will need or want this feature. This is more gearred towards the online membership company but it is something to think about.


  10. Does your organization hold events?

    If you do how easily can you add online registration? Can you tie the registration to member account?  Can you control registration price based on member level? If your organization put ons many events then you would need to select a software that intergates event registration well.

Membership Software Questions
Membership Website Examples

A few membership websites we have developed

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