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App Development

United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA)



The Project



The United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA) is an organization which offers certification and professional development for professional tennis teachers and tennis coaches. With more than 15,000 members worldwide, the association raises the standards of tennis-teaching professionals and promotes a greater awareness of the sport.


The Project

The USPTA wanted to take their on-court testing process digital. They where using paper testing booklets that had to be mailed into head quarters from testing centers around the world. Then a staff member would need to enter data manually into a centralized database and snail mail out results. Click and Create was hired to automate the entire process by developing a hybrid app.

Added Value

Hardware Selection

One of the hardest choices to make during the development process was selecting the best hardware including but not limited to the tablet that would work best on court in the sunlight and outdoor elements.

On-site Training

Click and Create flew out to the beautiful and growing sunshine state to lead classroom and on-court user training. We where able to take real time feedback and make valuable adjustments.

Training Website

Click and Create built a permission based training website for users to learn the app interface. The training portal cuts down support cost. 

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