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How to Effectively Send Email Newsletters

Email newsletters, or email blasts, can be an extremely valuable way to reach your target audience with information that is relevant to them. In this post we'll discuss when to send email blasts, how to increase their effectiveness, and how to segment your audience to reach the right customers.

1). Set a goal and measure the results

Whether you're objective is to attract new visitors to your site, introduce your audience to new products available or to raise awareness about upcoming products or events, your goal should influence the way you message and tailor your email. You can measure the results via direct sales, visitors, sign-ups, or even audience engagement.

2). Include a call to action

At the end of your email leave your audience with something to do. If you're advertising new products use a message that calls for them to visit your store and buy something. If you're trying to get people to sign up for your latest class, invite them to visit a page where they can learn more about what you're offering and sign-up. Common calls to action include: "Click here to find out more", "shop now", and "download a copy of our free whitepaper"

3). Make sure your emails contain something of value

That something will vary depending on your industry, but the most important thing to keep your readers interested and to keep them from unsubscribing is to email them only when you're sending them something valuable. Send them relevant helpful articles that you've written or exclusive discounts they can't find anywhere else.

4). When to send emails

Emails that achieve the highest open rates are typically sent Thursday and Friday afternoons when people are winding down from the week. Mondays statistically have the lowest open rates because our inboxes are full from a weekend of unread emails.


How to segment your audience

Segmenting your audience is extremely important because not all of your emails will target the same group of people. For instance, you may send your older readers or customers different material than you would your new subscribers. Additionally, you may want to personalize your emails by appealing to men with one message and women with another. Personalizing your emails to fit the right audience will have an immense effect on your open rates, click-through-rates and ultimately your sales.

It's important to keep in mind that emails should be used to talk with and engage your audience -- not just to send them your latest sales pitch. Sending valuable emails with the right message to a targeted audience will significantly increase your results. If you have more questions about email marketing feel free to contact us.

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