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7 Questions to Ask Your Houston Digital Marketing Firm

When deciding on an inbound marketing agency in Houston for your business, it's important to choose an agency that can help you set and achieve goals. There are lots of agencies that make false promises and offer alluring prices. When you're conducting your research, use these questions as a guide to help you determine which agency is the right choice to help you grow your business on the web.

1). What information do I need to provide in order for you to get started?

A good inbound marketing firm will sit down with you and evaluate your business needs from the get go. As we conduct an initial assessment of your businesses' marketing needs, it's important for us to establish clear goals and KPI's (Key Performance Indicators). If our campaign is focused on sales, we must know your highest selling items and the profit margins on them in order to plan our campaign. With lead gen campaigns we need to determine the lifetime value of your customers.

2). Does your strategy include content marketing or blogging?

Content marketing is a proven method of generating links and engagement for your business. It's important for your inbound marketing team to have a content marketing strategy. We help our clients prepare a content marketing strategy that includes creation and promotion. We've helped generate content for a wide array of verticals and there's no business we can't devise a content strategy for.

3). How long is your minimum contract?

At Click and Create, we don't have contracts and there's absolutely no obligation to continue our services. We ask our clients to stick with it for a few months in order to accurately gauge the impact of our SEO/PPC management, but our clients are free to leave at anytime if they feel unsatisfied.

4). Is there an account representative I can talk to?

An inbound marketing firm you want to work with will be available everyday via e-mail and phone. We're willing and able to answer any of your concerns regarding your account strategy, payment, or results.

5). What advertising mediums are you familiar with?

It's important for inbound marketers to be familiar with all of the tools available to them. We utilize e-mail marketing, social media marketing, PPC, retargeting, and much more to ensure our campaigns have a broad, focused reach.

6). When can I expect to see results?

Some firms will guarantee immediate results from SEO work. Our clients results will vary based on how competitive your industry is and what strategy we agree to employ. Most clients can expect to see results from SEO within 3-6 months.

7). Will my marketing campaign improve over time?

One of the keys to successful digital marketing is having an agency that is able to adapt. We consistently improve our campaigns by reevaluating our goals and aligning our strategy to meet those goals. We use a variety of tests and measurements to determine where we need to adapt our campaign in order to continually improve.

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