• James Walters

WIX Versus WordPress

Starting in 2017 we started offering some of our clients WIX websites. Up until that point we had primarily proved WordPress websites.

So why the change? We found that the majority of websites built using WordPress are not actually benefits from the platforms functionality. In most cases they are hindered.

Here is list of requirements that fit well with WIX:

  1. You want a website that is easy to manage in house without the help of an agency or developer. WordPress has been sold as a CMS that is easy to use but after years of experience we would have to disagree when it some to companies keeping there website content updated.

  2. You don't want to have to pay high hosting cost to manage the WordPress platform and constantly update WordPress plugins (because if you don't do this there is a good chance your WordPress website will be hacked).

  3. You don't need custom coding solutions, meaning that your website is what we call a brochure website. A brochure website is just that, it resembles the content of a brochure but online with these possible interactive functionalities: basic submission forms, photo galleries, online booking, event registration, simple store, online payments and more.

Here are some examples of WIX websites we have developed:

Links to live WIX websites we have built:




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