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How to Develop Your Personal Trainer Website

There are a lot of personal trainers and that means a lot of personal trainer websites to compete with. The good news is that most of them are poorly developed. And this is because most trainers are a one-person show with a limited marketing budget. In my experience many trainers build their website themselves or hire a cheap freelancer. There is nothing wrong with using a DIY website builder but you are missing out on the knowledge and experience a seasoned developer / marketer brings to the table.

Here are some key points to focus on if you hire a developer or do it yourself.

Your message.

You have a lot of competition and you need to stand out from the crowd when potential clients view your website. You can do this by knowing your target market and speaking to them. For example, you may primarily work with stay at home moms that care solely about losing weight or, maybe, you work primarily with hard-core body builders. Your message to these two markets would be completely different.

Your advantage.

Why should someone hire you versus your competition? You may think you are the obvious choice, ailment but what does the potential client that lands on your website and views a few pages use to make their decision? Make it very clear. Perhaps you offer the best prices in town or offer the best weight loss program.

People are buying you.

Make sure you provide adequate information about yourself, since you are the business. Include why you became a trainer, the certifications you earned, training experience and photos. Also being active with social media can really help if you enjoy it.

The incentive.

This is very important since you are in such a competitive market. You are a sales person and if you are having some success with your business then you have some sales skills. The website can only do so much, potential clients need to meet with you, or at the very least talk with you, so you can close the deal. Offering a free first session or a free evaluation gives the client a risk free way to test the waters with you. Also your job is more fun when you work with the clients you desire. So it really is a win-win. I suggest making this offer very obvious and in a prominent location on the website. Make sure your phone number is visible (and that it is in text format and not an image) and include a link to a contact form they can fill out. For the best results, respond to all forms submitted as fast as you can.


Below is a sample site map for a personal trainer website. Here are some key pages I would include.

  • Home – Include incentive, your advantage and your message.

  • About – Include why you became a trainer, the certifications you earned, training experience and photos.

  • Services – I would create a page for each service you offer for example weight loss, strength Building, Cross Fit, etc.

  • Testimonials / Reviews / Case Studies – Call it what you will but people want to see results.

  • New Clients – I like to create a page to explain your process and include any paperwork or information you offer your clients.

  • Contact / Location – Make sure people can easily get in contact with you and access directions and address information.

  • Blog – Google (and other search engines) love quality content. If you write it they will come!

Hope this helps and good luck. We are more than happy to answer any questions and, of course, build your website!